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Frequently Asked Questions About Netmail

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we get about Netmail. A lot. Hopefully some of your questions are answered below. If your question isn't here, or if our answer doesn't make any sense, feel free to Contact Us. We'll set the record straight.

Netmail simplifies the complex world of email management by removing the need to deploy, integrate and manage multiple third-party systems. Netmail consolidates email security and encryption, policy-based email archiving and discovery, attachment management and unlimited email storage into a single web-based platform at a fraction of the costs of other leading solutions. For more information, see Platform.

Messaging Architects is the Services division of Netmail that provides a variety of professional services to organizations all over the world. For more information on what services Messaging Architects provides, see Professional Services.

Yes. Because Netmail is a single web-based email management console, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Even at home. Netmail is so reliable though, you won't need to manage it at home.

Netmail works with messaging and collaboration systems like Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365.

To keep things really simple, Netmail is available in 1 plan. For more information about our Complete plan, see Software Pricing.

Are you an email administrator of an organization over 300 users? Or the CIO of an organization over 20,000 users? If you are, then sure you can. You can also try Netmail for free. To try Netmail, see Free Trials.

Netmail is designed to simplify email management. If you are currently juggling multiple third-party systems to take care of all your email archiving, email security, and email storage needs, and spending way too much time and money managing email, then you definitely need Netmail.

Since our foundation in 2001, Netmail has helped more than 3,000 organizations and millions of individuals worldwide secure their email. Our clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to state and local governments, the financial sector, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations. For more information on our clients, see our Success Stories.

Netmail is the market's first integrated email management platform which means it consolidates our previously stand-alone award-winning products--Archive, Secure, Store--into a single web-based email management console that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

The name Netmail originally referred to an ISP-grade email server designed to deliver scalable messaging and calendaring services available from Novell Inc. In February of 2007, Novell sold the Netmail source code as well as the trademark to us. Since then, we've developed Netmail into an integrated email management platform designed to make email management super simple. To learn more about Netmail, check out our Company Overview.

After three months with the organization, all Netmail employees get to own real stock in the company. Not phantom shares or options, stock!! This is part of our employee ownership program. As a result, we all own the same currency and drive towards the same goals. We are all partners in the business. We act like passionate owners because we are.