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after ignite-mvps discuss the future of exchange
June 10th, 2015, 3:30 PM CET/9:30 AM EST

After Ignite - MVPs Discuss the Future of Exchange

  • Nicolas Blank Bio MVP BioIgnite Bio
  • Brian Reid Bio MVP BioIgnite Bio
  • Siegfried Jagott MVP BioIgnite Bio
  • Andreas-Riediger
  • Julian Baumgartner

Join us on June 10th, 2015, at 3:30 PM CET/9:30 AM EST for an expert session on Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 and gain deep technical information on both topics, Exchange Server and Office 365.

This Microsoft Exchange Expert Session is the best place to engage directly with the leading Exchange MVPs from South Africa, UK, and Germany, as well as Netmail experts. Spaces are limited so be sure to register today!


  • Exchange 2016: What to Expect

  • Outlook 2015: What's New?

  • Exchange On-Premise, Office 365 & Hybrid: What is Changing With the New Version?

  • Q & A