Compare Netmail and Commvault

Simpana® Option

Netmail™ is an email
management platform that consolidates email security, encryption,
compliance, discovery,
storage, and attachment
management into a single
web-based administration
console that can be accessed
anytime, anywhere.

Netmail is priced lower than Simpana,
and offers more functionality and
features. Let’s take a closer look at
how they compare.

Netmail Email Management Platform
While we put Simpana®’s lack of features under the magnifying glass, if you only want Backup & Search, then maybe it’s the product for you. Below is a high-level comparison of the two products:
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Content Filtering & DLP
Attachment Management
Monitoring & Alerting
Netmail Feedback
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Netmail company bio
Company name: Netmail
Founded: 2001
Product: Netmail
Summary: Netmail is email management made simple.
We rely on the Netmail Platform, and the awesome Support Team who are always easy to get a hold of and resolve issues quickly.
Baptist Health System - TX
It's a pleasure to work with a company that backs their software fully.
- Walton County ISD
Not only do we rely on Netmail to archive and secure our email system, Netmail has also become an invaluable tool in our day-to-day operations.
- Town of Ajax, Ontario
With Netmail, we just set it and forget it.
- North Carolina Secretary
  of State
Simply put, what I like about the Netmail Platform is that the solution does exactly what it is designed to do.
- Leander ISD
Netmail works extremely well and its robust search capabilities enable us to find accurate data sets quickly.
- Johnson Matthey
Simple pricing:
Netmail costs as little as $1 per mailbox/per month. Expect to pay a lot more per TB with back up for Simpana.
Simple trials:
Try it live on our site or download a free trial of Netmail. You can’t try Simpana.
Guaranteed compliance:
Netmail verifies that each and every mail item in your email system is also in your long-term archive. Nothing comes between you and 100% retention.
Simple support:
Choose from 3 simple support plans. Simpana has 8 plans to choose from. Really? Sounds complicated.
Future proof:
Netmail uses XML: a technology-neutral storage format ready to use as a data source now and in the future.
More for less:
With Netmail, you get the performance of primary storage for less.