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Considerations when moving GroupWise to the Cloud

Considering the Cloud? If you're thinking about making the move, don't miss our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EST with two members of the uber-cool DigeTeam: Logan Greening & Shane Brown.

Join us for an hour and leave with straight-from-the-hip advice that you simply won't get anywhere else. Some of the questions they'll cover during the session include:

  • Security considerations for all that data
  • What is the cost of the cloud compared to the care & feeding of my existing system?
  • How can I make sure my users are happy?
  • Will the cloud impact my staff and support requirements?
  • How quickly can I change what's hosted in the cloud and what stays on premise?

The experts:

The DigeTeam: Composed of pros who have been supporting the IT industry since the late 80s, the DigeTeam has supported so many different platforms, applications and infrastructures across so many client environments, they bring the kind of experience & knowledge to the table that is hard to find. The team has designed, developed and supported many enterprise mail systems around the world which led them to build a hosted practice for email services. In 2009, DigeTekS became the first GroupWise-in-the-Cloud provider.

The perks:

All attendees are invited to take advantage of a special Netmail Archive for GroupWise 2014 offer. As part of a GroupWise 2014 upgrade promotion, any existing client wishing to upgrade to GroupWise 2014 can obtain a free Netmail Archive mailbox license from Netmail. By archiving off inactive mailboxes, clients will avoid having to pay to license inactive mailboxes. Once the content of a mailbox is removed from the GroupWise system using Netmail Archive, clients will be able to use their full GroupWise license for additional users being added to their system.