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CheckIt for GroupWise

CheckIt builds and runs GWCheck jobs for GroupWise archives. CheckIt for GroupWise from Netmail can handle a number of tasks, including:

  • Analyze/Fix
  • Reduce/Expire
  • Structural Rebuild
  • Mailbox Statistics
From the GroupWise Client CheckIt performs the defined GWChecks jobs against end users' default GroupWise archives. At client start-up, the CheckIt process sequentially launches the GWCheck jobs configured for that user. Each of the GWCheck jobs can follow its own cycle: For instance, you can launch Mailbox Statistics weekly while Structural Rebuild needs only be run every 30 days.

As an Interactive Job You can use the Administrator panel to configure a process that consists of one or more GWCheck jobs, which is then run against a list of GroupWise archives or archive directories. The job options can be saved as a registry file to be imported and run by individual GroupWise Clients or to be used as a Batch Job.

As a Batch Job CheckIt can accept a saved job file as a command line parameter which runs with no end-user intervention. This allows CheckIt jobs to be conveniently scheduled using any workstation scheduler.

System Requirements:
  • CheckIT and GWCheck will run on any Windows 9x, NT, 2000, or XP workstation
  • GroupWise 5.5. or higher
  • GWCheck version 6.5.1 or higher is required for message expiry to work properly on Windows platforms. (Note: Updated GWCheck files can be accessed from the Novell Support site or your service packs.)
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