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MergeIt: Centralize your GroupWise archives

Do you often have to merge GroupWise archives from users who have moved or logged in to multiple workstations and left personal archives in their wake? Do you need to consolidate end-user archives before deploying a centralized email retention solution? Are you migrating?

MergeIt for GroupWise from Netmail will ease the pain. MergeIt runs as a GUI tool. It merges two archives from the same user without going through the exercise of manually unarchiving and re-archiving all the messages or changing FIDs.

Simplified approach Using an intuitive GUI interface, select any two archive directories and merge any two archives regardless of ownership (provided you have administrator rights).

Intelligent processing Prevents duplicate messages and is great when rebuilding an archive from backups. Progression meter and message counts keep you up-to-date on processing status.

Efficient archive centralization No messages are missed in the merge! Built-in FID change utility (FIDIt).

Improved IT productivity Performs required archive centralization up to four times faster than the respective regular process of unarchiving, searching, and re-archiving items

System Requirements:
  • GroupWise 6.03 or higher Client on the workstation running MergeIt. (Note: some of MergeIt's extended features will not run on GroupWise 6.0x.)
Download MergeIt for GroupWise today. It's that Simple.

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