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Migrate simply with less

Let's cut the crap! An email migration project can make or break you. So do it right, the first time. The truth is we've helped so many clients re-start migration projects, we've had to put a WTF (What the FAQ?) explaining how good we are at cleaning up the other guy's mess. We know that change is hard. That's why we'll show up with a smart project plan, ready-to-use email communications, signs, t-shirts, green tea, and even migration themes to woo everyone into thinking they are actually taking a trip to Disney.

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Why We Are Simply The Best


Our methodology has been proven over and over and over again. & psst! it's so simple compared to the stupid way the other guy is doing email migrations. Messaging Architects, our uber-talented Pro Services Team of Greg, Ross, Andrew, Alex, Morris, Brian, & Dena are so good at this, they have a motto: Relax, it's just a migration.

Raving Fans

Where do we start? We've migrated large universities, healthcare institutions, and school districts. But there's way too many to fit on our fancy new website. Call us for references. Call our clients. Our clients are happy to tell you about their experiences with us.

Awesome Toolkit

A couple of years ago, we developed the original Email Migration Toolkit which has been re-purposed and reused by the other guy. They didn't even bother to change a single word. Bah, we don't care. We know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you're looking for the original though, you'll find it in our Library. It includes an email migration project plan, an email communication plan, a high-level white paper you can leave for your boss to find, training materials, quick start cards, you name it. It's all in there like a Party in a Box.

WTF (What the FAQ?)

We got so used to cleaning up the other guy's mess, we actually had to create a WTF (What the FAQ?) to help you choose the right guy. How do you choose the right guy? You ask the right questions. Click here to read 12 questions that will take the migraine out of your email migration.