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Migrate to Exchange 2010/2013 or Office 365 with less

Offers Museum View of legacy data

As you migrate, the data in Microsoft Exchange can balloon to 3 times its original size due to the different storage infrastructure. By choosing how much data and what data you want to move, you can make sure that your new Exchange server stays lean. You can then keep the rest of your data in Netmail and provide all your end users with a Museum View of their legacy data.

Allows you to bring your existing PSTs with you

Take advantage of the new Exchange Archive Mailbox or save money with our Museum View feature. Migrate can collect PSTs from all user and network locations. Then you can inject them into your new Exchange Archive Mailbox or provide a low cost view through our centralized web-based Museum View feature.

Handles large email attachments

In Microsoft Office 365, there is a limit of 25MB for email attachments. If your Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007 users have large attachments, you can inject these email into Office 365 while replacing the attachments with a link to the file in Netmail Store.


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