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Why pay for more?

As part of a special GroupWise 2014 upgrade promotion, Netmail Archive* is available to all Novell clients wishing to upgrade to GroupWise 2014. By archiving your inactive mailboxes, you’ll avoid having to pay licensing fees indicated in the new GroupWise 2014 EULA.

Once the content of a mailbox is archived from GroupWise using Netmail Archive, you’ll only pay for active users and still retain all the email for any inactive user.

If you choose to keep inactive users email in GroupWise, you’ll have to pay Novell’s license fee for Inactive Mailboxes after you've upgraded to GroupWise 2014. This only applies where a mailbox has been explicitly marked as inactive by the administrator and has not been accessed for 60 days. This is often the case when an employee leaves your organization, but the employee’s email must be retained for eDiscovery or compliance purposes.

In addition to reducing your post-upgrade license cost, Netmail Archive provides many additional benefits such as advanced eDiscovery, case management, storage management, and full export capabilities.

*Netmail Archive included with this promo is a preview version of Netmail 5.3. Full support for GroupWise 2014 will be available in Netmail Archive version 5.3.1.

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