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We Help Banks Enforce Acceptable Email Usage Policies & Retain Data

How Netmail Helps Financial Services

Need to be compliant

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Need to be compliant


FINRA Compliance

SOX Reporting

 eDiscovery requests

eDiscovery & Search

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 eDiscovery requests

Case Managers with Access Rights

Mailbox & RIF archiving

Automated Legal hold

Records Retention

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Need to store files securely


SEC Compliance

WORM-based Storage

Need to retain documents

Data Security

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Need to securely store files

Data Leak Protection

Outbound Limits

PCI DSS Compliance

"Netmail just works. It does exactly what it claims it can do. Thanks to the Professional Services team, the installation and implementation of Netmail was relatively painless, and the Support Team does a very good job of finding resolutions to any issues quickly."

Roger Slocum , Systems Management Engineer, Old National Bank

Banks Netmail


The financial services sector is one of the most heavily-regulated industries when it comes to enforcing the retention of all inbound, outbound and internal electronic communications, including email. Old National Bank is no different.


Old National Bank chose the Netmail Platform to archive email, attachments, and other electronic data to a secure repository in a non-tamperable format for the bank’s 3500 mailboxes to meet the bank's strict legal hold and audit requirements.


Thanks to Netmail, Old National Bank has dramatically reduced the time required to produce email records in response to legal discovery requests, and shorten the time and energy the IT department spends finding email records.

Roger Slocum

The Bottom Line

Roger Slocum Systems Management Engineer, Old National Bank