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How Netmail Helps Education

Access to Information

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Advanced Search Capabilities

Flexible & Easy-to-use Export

Full access Auditing & Reporting

 eDiscovery requests

eDiscovery & Search

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Case Managers with Access Rights

Mailbox & RIF archiving

Automated Legal Hold

Need to retain documents

Data Security

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Need to securely store files

Outbound Content Filtering

Anti-Phishing Technology

Advanced Approval Workflow

Prevent Data Leaks

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Netmail Security stops PII from leaking

Data Leak Protection

Attachment Blocking

Flexible Encryption

"Considering how much work it is to migrate all that mail to Office 365, the Professional Services Team did a good job at automating some tasks and the pre-planning was good. The Professional Services Team was committed to help me with best practices, advice and pitfalls to avoid."

David Doster, CIO, Reinhardt University

Education Netmail


Portage Township Community Schools had been using the email archiving and security capabilities of Netmail for years. With a high level of confidence in the software, they decided to use the built-in migration capabilities of Netmail to migrate to Exchange.


Using Netmail’s unique methodology, the school district was able to collect and archive all new email messages prior to moving end users to Exchange. Users were then moved to the new email system where they had immediate access to all new and archived messages.


One of the additional benefits for the school district was the ability to use continue using Netmail Archive post-migration to manage email storage and respond to the occasional eDiscovery requests the school district receives.

The Bottom Line

Russ Hilton Network Engineer, Portage Township Community Schools