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Netmail Helps Government Retain Data to Comply with Federal, State, and Local Open-Records Requests

How Netmail Helps Government

Access to Information

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Email reporting and tracking rules

Advanced Search Capabilities

Flexible & Easy-to-use Expoprt

Full access Auditing & Reporting

 eDiscovery requests

eDiscovery & Search

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 eDiscovery requests

Case Managers with Access Rights

Mailbox & RIF archiving

Automated Legal Hold

Need to retain documents

Data Security

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Need to securely store files

Outbound Content Filtering

Anti-Phishing Technology

Advanced Approval Workflow

Need to store files securely

Records Retention

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Regulatory Compliance

WORM-based Storage

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Sam Dee , IT Manager, City of Siloam Springs

Government Netmail


The Northeast Ohio Sewer District relied on backup tapes of email dating back to the late 1990s and had no specific policy for email retention. It received numerous eDiscovery requests, often requiring extensive date ranges. Due to the level of effort required to fulfill these requests, the impact to the IT Department was significant.


The district engaged the team at Netmail to deliver an onsite email policy workshop that helped them create a policy on email retention and destruction in accordance with their compliance regulations, then migrated from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange and set up a robust email archive to help them centralize the District’s email archives into a single repository to facilitate eDiscovery.<


With a policy firmly in hand, the district then relied on Netmail to locate, collect, and archive email and GroupWise Personal Archives scattered throughout the organization into a centralized, fully-searchable archive repository prior to the email migration. As a result, the district can now look forward to reduced storage costs on the new Exchange system.

The Bottom Line

Humberto Sanchez Director of IT, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District