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Netmail Helps Hospitals Protect Private Healthcare Information

How Netmail Helps Hospitals

Prevent Data Leaks

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Netmail Security stops PHI from leaking

Data Leak Protection

Spear Phishing Defense

Flexible Encryption

eDiscovery & Search

eDiscovery & Search

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eDiscovery & Search

Case Managers with Access Rights

Mailbox & RIF archiving

Automated Legal Hold

Easily Share Large Files

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Need to exchange large files

Reduce Storage Space

Stay Compliant


Reduced Complexity

Reduced Complexity

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Reduced Complexity

Mixed System Support

Complex Mail Routing

Dashboard Monitoring

Find out why Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center relies on the Netmail Platform to manage its email system.

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Healthcare Netmail


Faced with the enormous challenge of a large university hospital that must remain operational 24/7, the University Hospital of Basel needed a reliable email management solution to replace its existing system after migrating from Novell GroupWise.


The University Hospital of Basel chose Netmail to migrate quickly to Microsoft Exchange with minimal disruption to their user community. The hospital is now relying on the Netmail Platform to manage their email system on a daily basis.


Netmail helped the University Hospital of Basel reduce storage requirements on Exchange, improve the performance of the messaging system, save $$, and shorten the time and energy the IT department spends managing the hospital's email system.

Thierry-A. Ravessoud

The Bottom Line

Thierry-A. Ravessoud IT Manager, The University Hospital of Basel