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Easy to Encrypt email

Your end users shouldn't be required to understand cryptographic algorithms or how to create an email encryption certificate and neither should you. Netmail Encrypt is email encryption software that eliminates the complexity traditionally associated with email encryption technologies, and makes it simple to use and transparent to both senders and recipients. Netmail Encrypt is like email encryption for dummies.

Netmail encrypt user interface

Simple to configure and operate

Unlike the complicated and messy email encryption solutions of the past, Encrypt is super easy to configure. Our end-to-end email encryption solution requires very little of your time.

Netmail encrypt secure gateway to gateway delivery

Easy to use

Sending an encrypted email message is so completely transparent, your users will think they are sending a regular email. With Encrypt, no user training is required which means less work for you.

Protects your reputation

Encrypt helps your organization mitigate the risks associated with regulatory violations, data breaches, data loss, and corporate policy violations by transparently securing proprietary and confidential information.

Exchange email encryption made easy

Integrated with Netmail Secure, Encrypt is encryption made easy. Create encryption policies in the Netmail Administration console, and email is automatically encrypted and securely sent.

Communicate securely with anyone

For recipients without Netmail Secure, Encrypt works as a secure, web-based delivery system that allows recipients to easily view and reply to encrypted email messages.

Office 365 email encryption

Our email encryption service lets email users send encrypted messages to people inside or outside their organization. Designated recipients can easily view their encrypted messages and return encrypted replies.