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Store millions of email simply

Being responsible for storing millions of email messages is not easy. Are you already experiencing performance issues with your file system? Do your databases always seem to require maintenance? Netmail Store can help. Netmail Store is a low-cost object storage solution that scales in performance as you add more disks and nodes. Designed to handle millions of files, Netmail Store gives you fast access to files and cost-effective long term storage for all that email.

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Netmail Library Storage

Primary storage performance for less

With Store, there are no limits on the quantity or size of your files. With Store, you get all the performance of primary storage for all types of data, regardless of size, for a fraction of the price.

Reliable and safe

Store continuously monitors the integrity of your data and automatically fixes any problem it finds. Store uses content integrity seals to make sure your data is authentic in case of litigation. Store also addresses regulatory mandates that data must stored on non-erasable, non-rewriteable media. True to Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) storage media, once an object is written in Store it cannot be changed or deleted.

Netmail store content router

Lower up-front acquisition costs

Store software runs on standard, commodity server hardware (x86 architecture) letting you to select the hardware and vendor you want. Compared with other solutions, Store delivers lower, up-front acquisition costs.

Simple and easy to install

Boot a server with the Store USB thumb drive and in the time it takes to boot the server, you have a storage node. Simply boot additional server nodes to create a cluster. No provisioning required and minimal IP configuration. As new technology becomes available, just plug in the server and Store will instantly provision it, then simply retire the old server and remove it from the cluster. With Store, you can easily manage multiple petabytes in a single cluster.

No more bottlenecks

Store not only distributes CPU loads but also balances storage itself. There are no specialized nodes which means there are no bottlenecks. And if there is a better node on which to store content, Store will move it in the background to ensure automatic evenly-distributed content migration.