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Comtech EF Data

Comtech EF Data loves Netmail


Comtech EF Data needed a solution to address 3 critical requirements. It had to be able to handle electronic discovery requests in seconds, provide an audit trail for every message, and have the ability to export the email archives in PST format.


The company chose Netmail to help it maintain its competitive edge by safely storing its electronic data in a tamper-proof archive that complied with federal and state ediscovery rules, and facilitating rapid search results.


Since deploying Netmail, the IT department at Comtech EF Data has experienced significant time savings by being able to respond to discovery requests rapidly and export these requests to different media in a controlled fashion.


Based in Tempe, Arizona, Comtech EF Data develops and manufactures market-leading satellite communications products. The company’s products are utilized by commercial and government customers in over 160 countries to support their satellite-based communications infrastructure. Comtech EF Data is recognized as a technology innovator and has a reputation for product quality and reliability. The advanced technologies offered by the company’s products enable satellite bandwidth efficiencies and link optimization for their global customer base.

Comtech EF Data’s IT Department is located in their Tempe, AZ, headquarters. The IT team provides desktop, application and network support throughout their campus of buildings, and to staff and facilities in California, Maryland, Montreal, Beijing, Singapore, United Kingdom, India and multiple sales offices.

Critical Requirements

  • Handle electronic discovery requests in a matter of seconds
  • Audit trail for every message: when it was received, archived, accessed, printed, etc.
  • Ability to export email archives to PST format – most frequently used by legal software

Solving the Problems of Email Management

Corporate environment:
  • 1000 users
  • Global locations: Arizona, California, Maryland, Montreal, Beijing, Singapore, United Kingdom, India and multiple sales offices
Electronic records: (as of May 2009)
  • Data on live email system (GroupWise): 900GB
  • Data in the archive repository (Netmail Archive): 2 TB
Index: 1.17TB
  • Total number of records in their archives being indexed: 38,944,420
  • Sample search conducted with Netmail Archive: 82,125 results produced in 32-52 sec
Email retention mandate:
  • 5 years
  • 100% email and attachments are archived
  • Document types: PDF, Microsoft® Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), Cadence® OrCAD schematics, html
  • Significant time savings for IT department to support discovery requests
  • Searches can be exported to different media allowing the IT department to provide requested data in a controlled fashion, ensuring security for the archive

The Bottom Line

Mark Hayward Senior Systems Administrator, Comtech EF Data