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Messaging Architects

We hate using extra services that force us to talk to sales guys or work with expensive implementation specialists to get anything done, so we built Netmail to make it as simple as possible for you to get started. But if you need any help, Messaging Architects, our awesome Professional Services Team, is standing by. We don't like to brag but... between them they have over 80 years of combined Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange expertise in all areas of email deployment and email migrations.

That’s why we’ve put together this short list of Professional Services (a fancy way of saying add-on services) that they provide:

Email Migration Services

Our expertise with email migrations is unparallelled in the industry. We cover your entire migration project using a unique methodology that involves first moving the bulk of your data into a centralized archiving system, rather than transferring it to your Exchange system. This way, you'll be able to migrate your users quickly and efficiently which alone can help reduce storage costs by up to 50% or more. It's actual pretty simple compared with the complicated & risky way everyone else is doing email migrations these days. The result is zero post migration impact on your end users, on your mail flow, and zero calls to your help desk. Around here, we have a motto: Relax, it's just a migration. Contact us to help you during your email migration project. You'll be glad you did.

System Health Check & Archive Audit

Like the yearly physical we all know is good for us, we think performing a regular health check and audit of your Netmail Archive system is important too. After your check-up, we'll give you a scorecard which covers the following areas:

1. System architecture and software levels
2. System management and administration review, including backup
3. System and search performance
4. System capacity review (storage)
5. Hardware validation
6. Archive/eDiscovery policy review

ePolicy Workshops

We offer both one- and two-day customized workshops to help you eliminate the risks around email and bring-your-own-device (BYOD). We usually hold these workshops onsite at your place. At the end of the workshop, expect to walk away with solid email and BYOD policies tailored to your needs. If you don't currently have an email or BYOD policy, you may want to Contact us to find out more.

eDiscovery Workshops

Our advanced workshops will help you wade through the eDiscovery requirements within your organization, define internal processes and procedures, and learn about the responsibilities of the people who take care of eDiscovery requests. Using our web-based eDiscovery tool, Netmail Search, you’ll also learn how to create and manage cases, build custom searches, refine searches, and much more. Contact us to schedule one.

PST Migration Services

We know that PSTs are a nightmare. So we've developed a way to help you scan and detect PST files stored on any computers, laptops, and file servers in your organization. We can then show you how to import existing PST files into Netmail Archive or Microsoft Exchange Archive to ensure that you're compliant with any legal requirements you have to... comply with.